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Delta Kwik

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Delta kwik - the AR15 Rapid Removal Handguard Tool

Remove The Hand Guard on Your AR15 in 5 Seconds or Less



After being in the firearms business for several years, Dubby Carr invented the Delta Kwik AR15 rapid removal handguard tool trying to simplify the process of removing the Mil-Spec A2 handguard. If you have ever tried to remove the handguard from your AR15, you know how difficult it can be sometimes. Often times, your hand slips when trying to compress the delta ring, or is too tight and you you just give up after 45 minutes. After years of frustration, Dubby had an awesome idea. After a year and a half testing different prototypes, the Delta Kwik AR15 rapid removal handguard tool was born. Don't believe us? Take a look at the video or try one out for yourself

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